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                          TELPHONE: 0086-20-34796825

                          COOPERATION CASE

                          Established in 1994, Guangzhou Kennyway Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kennyway") is engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of non-standard food processing machinery based on its technical advantages and in a manner oriented toward the current market. Kennyway planned to develop manufacturing facilities for noodle products in its early days, however, in view of overproduction of flour noodle products due to market changes, the Company quickly turned to the development of manufacturing facilities for rice noodle products, despite the greater technical difficulties.

                          Company Profile

                          Established in 1994, Guangzhou Kennyway Food Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kennyway") is engaged in the design...

                          Company Culture

                          Working Style :  Action and efficiency
                          Competitive Strategy :  To meet customer's requirements faster than any competitor
                          Operating Principle : To get win-win benefits with best service & best product quality
                          Developing mode : market demand—>planning—>designing—>manufacturing—>marketing

                          Quality Control

                          Chinese famous brands, Guangdong famous products, ISO 9001 international quality management system certification, small giant enterprise of scientific and technological innovation...
                          Guangzhou Industrial Design Excellence Award, the second national grain and oil excellent scientific and technological innovation enterprises...

                          • Foreign Customers

                            Name of the enterpriseThe equipment purchased Japan Acecook (Vietnam) Company Instant Flat Rice Noodle Production Line

                          • Domestic Customers

                            Name of the enterpriseThe equipment purchased Want Want China Holdings Limited Friction Cooking Instant Rice Noodle Production Line Chun Cheng Lao Bao Jia Rice Noodles Fresh Rice Noodle Production Li

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